Maximizing Your Community Theater’s Event Value: Optimizing Reputation Impact Through Customer Experience

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Welcome back to the eighth (and final) installment of the Maximizing Your Community Theater’s Event Value series. Here’s everything that we’ve covered to far:

Part 1: An Introduction and Overview
Part 2: Increasing Ticket Sales
Part 3: Assigned Seating as an Optimal Ticket Pricing Strategy
Part 4: Managing Discounts as a Ticket Pricing Strategy
Part 5: Managing Other Event-Specific Revenue
Part 6: Effectively Managing Your Event Costs
Part 7: Optimizing Reputation Impact through Event Quality

Today we’ll be discussing perhaps the most crucial element to optimizing your reputation impact – a positive customer experience!

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Let’s get started!

A positive (or negative) customer experience can have a huge impact on your community theater’s reputation. Positive customer experiences can help you to solidify your standing as a reputable cultural facet in the community and maintain strong relationships with your long-term fans and audience members. Likewise, negative customer experiences can spread like wildfire through word-of-mouth. It’s critical that you provide an exceptional customer experience!And check popular weekly ads:
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Providing an Exceptional Customer Experience: Ask the Right Questions!

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Are we making it easy for potential ticket buyers to find out about the event?
Is it easy for them to understand the alternative dates and times of the show?
Once the ticket buyer has selected their desired event, date and time, is it easy for them to see what seats are available for them to purchase?
Is the ticket purchasing process fun, clear and error-free?
Is the actual ticket an attractive representation of our brand?
Have we made it easy to find the venue with maps or directions?
Once at the venue, what is the entire experience for walking into the lobby, seeing where any concessions or facilities are and finding one’s seat?
Are we thanking and recognizing people who provide a donation when they purchase a ticket?

How Can TicketPeak Help?
Here at TicketPeak, we pride ourselves in helping our clients offer an exceptionally great customer experience. From the initial ticket purchase to the post-event follow-up…we like to make it easy and enjoyable for our clients to maximize their event value through optimizing their reputation impact.

Let’s take a closer look at what TicketPeak offers:

An easy-to-use purchasing interface, with the absolute minimum number of “clicks” to reach the final purchasing platform.
Social media integration that allows your customers to quickly and easily share their upcoming attendance at your event. Customers love this and it also helps you increase your ticket sales through word-of-mouth advertising.
Multiple opportunities for donor recognition. TicketPeak helps your company recognize and appreciate donors at two separate points during the customer experience. First, if the customer provides a donation during the time that they purchase tickets there will be a “Thank You” note printed directly onto their ticket. In turn, this note will help your ushers recognize and thank them personally for their support when the customer arrives to find their seat.

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What TicketPeak clients and customers are saying:

“The product is imminently user friendly.” – Stacy Tiffin, Chairman, Twin Lakes Playhouse
“We’re loving the TicketPeak system. One of the best decisions we’ve made.” – Brady Bottegal, Casino Theatre
“Seriously. I’m recommending TicketPeak to everyone I know!” – Lindsay McAloney, Wallkill High School

Click on the document below to access your free, fully downloadable whitepaper, which covers the complete Maximizing Your Community Theater’s Event Value series, as well as ways in which TicketPeak can help your organization optimize your results.

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