TicketPeak is ticket sales software that automates ticketing for your events. It is designed for frequent event producers and busy venues. Set up your events in just a couple of minutes and let TicketPeak do the rest. It supports reserved seating or general admission events. It helps you sell and manage tickets, subscriptions, and flex passes. It also offers unlimited seat pricing flexibility and supports class registrations and audition scheduling.

Subscriptions & Flex-Passes

With TicketPeak’s full-service event ticketing software, you can offer patrons pretty much any type of subscription you can imagine. Or with flex passes, patrons can purchase package vouchers to use as they wish.

Class Registration

Do you offer classes or workshops? TicketPeak handles that. Our clients report that they sell more class registrations with TicketPeak because registrations are so easy. Use our all-inclusive event ticketing system to sell after-school or summer school programs, workshops, or classes. No more requiring your customers to download forms, fill them out and send them in. You set up the questions and they answer online.

Seat Pricing

Give any seat any price you want. Our clients love the ability to give better seats higher prices. You can also have multiple price categories.

Audition Management

Tired of scheduling auditions? We’ve been there. Auditioners can register online for available timeslots that you specify. Also post questions for your auditioners to fill out.


You can set up and manage patron donations all on TicketPeak. Let every customer add a donation to their purchase and receive an official donation receipt, or set up donations independent of specific events.

Detailed Reports

Our all-inclusive ticket selling software includes a full set of reports for you to manage your events. Get up-to-date ticket sales information on class, workshop, or audition registration. Manage your donors. Download completed registration forms so you have them in front of you during auditions.

Social Media

TicketPeak can be integrated with your social media accounts so you can share your events on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to generate attention and ticket sales. You can also use the communication function to send newsletters, updates and reminders to your patrons.

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