We’re compiling a list of other resources that love contracts as much as we do, from blogs to podcasts to webinars.

Contract Nerds™ Guest Columns

  • Why This Not That: Contracts Edition, by Lisa Lang
  • SaaS Tips by Sapna, by Sapna Mahboobani

Contract Negotiations

  • Negotiate Anything Podcast, Kwame Christian
    • Listen to The 3 Best Practices for Redlining Contracts With Nada Alnajafi
  • Contract Teardown, Mike Whelan
  • StartupGC, Paul Swegle
  • Contract Drafting and Negotiations for Entrepreneurs and Business Professionals, by Paul Swegle

Careers in Contracts

  • Why This, Not That with Lisa Lang
  • Counsel Podcast, Mel Scott
  • Above the Law’s In-House Counsel
  • InHouseBlog
  • Limitless Lawyer Podcast, Charlotte Smith
  • Miami Mentor, Frank Ramos

Contract Drafting

  • Adams on Contract Drafting
  • How to Contract, Laura Frederick
  • On Contracts
  • Contracts Prof Blog
  • Morgan Lewis’s Contract Corner
  • Tech Contracts Academy
  • Promises, Promises Podcast

Contract Management + Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Tech

  • Sign Here by Alex Hamilton
  • In-House Ops
  • CLOC
  • Technically Legal Podcast, Chad Main
  • Colin Levy’s Notes from the Front Lines of Legal Innovation
  • Above the Law, Olga Mack
  • Notes to My (Legal) Self Podcast, Olga Mack
    • Listen to #17: Digital Contracting and Negotiation (with Nada Alnajafi)