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Boosting Ticket Sales: What Your Performing Arts Organization Can Learn from the Los Angeles Kings

In our previous article (link) we pin-pointed and outlined three strategies for boosting your performing arts organization’s ticket sales: 1)   Pre-Sale Promotion 2)   Promotion Through Social Media 3)   Group Ticket Sales While these strategies can help you boost your ticket sales right now, we’re also very interested in helping you boost your ticket sales long-term. […]
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3 Stellar Strategies for Boosting Your Performing Arts Organization’s Ticket Sales

Is your ticket sales strategy feeling stale? Perhaps it’s no longer measuring up to the needs of your performing arts organization? We know it’s not easy; it really does take a lot of hard work, strategic planning and perseverance to create a manageable and effective ticket sales strategy for your performing arts organization. Lucky for […]
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Driving Ancillary Revenue in Arts Management. Get Your 20%!

Beyond increasing ticket sales, your role as a leader in arts management probably includes driving revenue from event-related products and services. As shown below, if you are a theatre organization, for example, you should be getting at least 20% of your total event revenue from ancillary products and services. In additions, for nonprofit organizations, there may be event-related donations […]
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