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5 Mistakes Made by Most High School Theatres

We are speaking directly to high school theatres in this article, or more generally, theatres connected to schools and student populations, hoping to make a difference in the academic sphere. While planning a school play can be exciting and empowering, it can also be overwhelming and scattered. We encourage you to stay organized and avoid […]
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High School Musicals – Budgets and Other Numbers

Here at TicketPeak, we’ve done a scan of communications and postings across social media on various topics dealing with the business aspects of high school musicals. From that scan, this article summarizes findings on the topic of budgets, revenue and number of performances – the numbers (numeric, not musical) behind the shows. Budgets for Musicals […]
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Theatre Etiquette Dilemmas: The War Against Smartphones

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen, we welcome you to our performance of Oklahoma. Please remember that any recording of this performance, either through video or photograph is strictly prohibited. Also note that mobile phones should be turned off, and not to silent. Should you be required to be contactable during the performance, please talk to our front-of-house staff, […]
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4 Ways to Write an Awesome Subject Line for Your Community Theater’s Next Email Marketing Campaign

Do you feel like your community theater’s email marketing campaign is not as effective as it could (or should) be? Have you considered the possibility that your email subject lines are hampering your ability to achieve great open and conversion rates? MailChimp conducted a few subject line studies that provided us with some valuable insight into […]
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5 Best Practices for Your Community Theater’s Email Marketing Campaign

What’s black and white, and read all over? You’re first response was probably “A Newspaper,” but that’s not what I’m thinking of…I’m thinking of your community theater’s email marketing campaign. Is your community theater’s email marketing practices struggling to maintain excellent open and click-through rates? Wondering how you can help your email marketing campaign flourish […]
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Email Marketing: Help Your Community Theater Harness the Powerful Tool of Cross Selling

Did you know that you might be over-looking a prime area of marketing real estate…and that it’s sitting right under your nose? We have two words for you: confirmation emails. That’s right – one of the best places to promote up- and cross-selling is found right there in emails that you’re already sending! Why Confirmation […]
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Maximizing Your Community Theater’s Event Value: Managing Discounts as a Ticket Pricing Strategy

Here we are with the fourth installment of the Maximizing Your Community Theater’s Event Value series. Here’s what we’ve covered so far: Part 1: An Introduction and Overview Part 2: Increasing Ticket Sales Part 3: Assigned Seating as an Optimal Ticket Pricing Strategy Today we will discuss the right way to offer discounted tickets to […]
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