Selecting a Ticket System

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Find and Implement Event Ticketing Software in Five Days

We often find that event organizers – schools, colleges, community theaters, performing arts organizations – often find themselves in the situation where they need to automate ticketing for the first time or replace their existing event ticketing software quickly.  Selecting new event ticketing software is an important undertaking, and the decision should last for many […]
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White Label Ticketing

Almost every ticketing system available makes a point of putting the name of the ticketing system or ticketing company on the tickets.  Think of tickets you have purchased in the past.  Chances are you saw some brand name like Ticketmaster, Eventbrite or TicketPeak printed on the ticket. That is great for the ticketing company but […]
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Improvements Ticket Buyers Want with Box Office Ticketing Software

As reported in previous posts, we recently surveyed 200 people and asked about a recent ticket buying experience. This post focuses on what people said they like to see improved with the event organizers’ box office ticketing software as it relates to online ticket purchases – i.e. situations where the customer is buying the tickets […]
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