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TicketPeak vs. Vendini Fees

When considering ticketing systems, non-profit theatre or performing arts organizations often consider TicketPeak vs. Vendini. This post compares the fees. TicketPeak’s box office software offers the lowest fees available for non-profit organizations. The combined ticketing plus payment processing fee is $0.79 plus 4.4%. Vendini’s fees are not listed on their website. So, we tried to […]
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Eventbrite for Non-Profits?

Are you a not-for-profit organization that frequently puts on events? Are you looking for an online ticketing system tailored to your needs? This post compares TicketPeak and Eventbrite pricing for non-profit organizations. TicketPeak starts with much lower pricing than Eventbrite. Then, TicketPeak’s e-ticketing software provides further discounts for non-profit organizations. Eventbrite does not provide discounts […]
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Eventbrite Essentials vs. TicketPeak. Consider the Restrictions

Since the ticketing cost of Eventbrite Professional is high ($1.59 + 3.5% of the ticket value), Eventbrite offers Eventbrite Essentials, with ticketing fees of $0.79 + 2%. Eventbrite Essentials is closer in price to TicketPeak’s e-ticketing software, which charges $0.75 + 1.5% (with discounts for non-profits.) This post compares the two ticketing software’s offerings. Reserved […]
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This post is another in our series where we compare prices of other event ticket management software with TicketPeak . Today, we look at based on the pricing information on their website. TicketPeak vs. Fees states their ticketing fees for online purchases are $1.00 to $1.50 per ticket. The site does not […]
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Purple Pass Fees

Continuing our series of price comparisons between TicketPeak and other e-ticketing software systems, let’s have a look at Purple Pass pricing. We’ll consider both ticketing system’s fees and credit card fees. Ticket Fees Purple Pass’ fees for ticketing are $0.99 plus 2.5% of the ticket value. TicketPeak’s are $0.75 plus 1.5% of the ticket value […]
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Weighing an Eventbrite Alternative: TicketPeak

If you are a frequent event producer and you use Eventbrite, you may want to consider the cost difference and additional functionality of TicketPeak’s event ticketing software. This post compares TicketPeak and Eventbrite. Ticketing Cost Both companies charge a dollar amount and a percentage amount of each ticket sold. Eventbrite has two standard offerings: Essentials […]
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TicketLeap Pricing

This post is the latest in our series of price comparisons between TicketPeak and other e-ticketing software systems. In this post, we look at TicketLeap. Two Cost Components Most ticketing companies charge a ticketing fee and a payment processing fee , if they provide integrated payment processing. Both TicketPeak and TicketLeap do, so we’ll look […]
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