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Theatre Marketing Efforts Should Consider the Three-Headed Audience

When defining your theatre marketing approach, advertising plans and pricing strategies, event producers must consider their audiences. Yes, audiences – plural.  We have seen three groups of potential audience members: Friends and family of performers Patrons who have attended previous shows Newcomers It is interesting to consider the motivations and demand curve for each of […]
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Six Big Pricing Questions for Your Performing Arts Marketing Plan

While there are several questions to address as you compose a performing arts marketing plan for your venue, including the traditional four P’s: Product, Placement, Price and Promotion, we’d like to focus this post on Pricing. We believe there are six big questions to answer when setting your event ticket pricing strategy: Should we have […]
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Does Your Box Office Software Support Yield Management?

In previous posts, we discussed the advantages of ticketing systems that enable assigned seating and the associated pricing strategy of assigning different prices to different seats. Doing so drives substantially more revenue and serves your customers better. Assigning different prices to different seats is just one dimension of what airlines and other industries like to […]
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