Ticket Scanning Systems: The QR Code and its Benefits for Performing Arts Organizations

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Unless you’ve been living in an impressively (albeit unusual) technology-free bubble you’ve probably seen these funny looking squares. They’re on everything from cereal boxes to airplane tickets and are absolutely fabulous for a quick and easy transfer of information. Read on to find out more about QR codes and the wonderful possibilities that they provide for performing arts organizations’ ticket scanning systems.
What’s a QR Code?
A QR Code, or Quick Response Code, is the name of a two-dimensional barcode style. While originally designed for the automotive industry, the QR code has since become very popular outside of the industry for its quick readability and better storage capacity.

CC Image by Bernd

The Benefits of Using QR Codes
As already mentioned, QR Codes are fantastic for a quick transfer of information. Here’s a brief (and by no means complete) list of the benefits of using QR codes:

Quick, easy transfer of information
Simple to set up
Almost free to use
Helps both you and your customers save paper

How TicketPeak uses QR Codes
We offer our clients the option to enable QR codes on purchased tickets. From that point, the QR code is then attached to your customer’s ticket. Your ushers will need a QR code reading application (scroll down for our top pick) to read the tickets at the door.

Screenshot of TicketPeak QR Code

(If you’re still curious about this process, check out our FAQ page on this topic.)
QR Code Reading Applications
There are a variety of QR code reading applications available in the various Smartphone app markets, so it’s really all about finding an application that you like and works well for your ticketing system and your box office crew.

Here at TicketPeak we quite like the application Scan. It’s easy to use, available on a number of different devices and operating systems, and it’s almost free.

CC Image by Highways Agency

Did you know that TicketPeak offers a ticket scanning system that’s QR code and Smartphone compatible? Be sure to request your free full TicketPeak demonstration to understand this feature, as well as the many other features that our system offers.

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