TicketLeap Pricing

This post is the latest in our series of price comparisons between TicketPeak and other e-ticketing software systems. In this post, we look at TicketLeap.

Two Cost Components

Most ticketing companies charge a ticketing fee and a payment processing fee , if they provide integrated payment processing. Both TicketPeak and TicketLeap do, so we’ll look at both ticketing fees and payment processing fees.

Ticketing Fees

TicketPeak charges $0.75 per ticket plus 1.5% of the ticket value. (There are discounts for not-for-profit organizations, but for this post, we consider TicketPeak’s for-profit pricing.) TicketLeap’s fees are $1.00 per ticket plus 2% of the ticket value.

Let’s say you’re selling $40 tickets. TicketPeak would charge $1.35 per ticket. TicketLeap fees would be $1.80. You’d save $0.45 per ticket using TicketPeak. If you sell, say, 3,000 tickets, you’d save $1.350 with TicketPeak.

Note, however, that TicketLeap does not charge for free events.

Payment Processing Fees

If you are using the integrated payment processing, the cost with TicketPeak will be $0.29 plus 2.9%. TicketLeap fees are 3%.

So, including both ticketing fees and payment processing fees, that $40 ticket will cost $2.80 with TicketPeak. Total TicketLeap fees will be $3.00. In the example above (3,000 tickets at $40 each), the cost would still be $600 less with TicketPeak.

Both companies send you your money before the event. Some event ticketing companies require you to wait until after the event to get your money. Also, both companies allow you to pass the fees to the ticket buyer.


For paid events, TicketPeak’s e-ticketing software costs less. If you’re selling lots of tickets, the savings add up quickly. Request a demo and try TicketPeak today.

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